Our Services

QOMC provides pain relief by coordinating physical medicine, physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, medical massage, and modalities to best serve our patients' needs.

  • Functional Neurology

    Functional Neurology

    Conditions We Have Helped Concussion Autism Stroke Migraine ADD/ADHD Balance issues Adverse neurological effects after surgeries Typical Treatment Plan Treatment plans consist of rigorous brain rehabilitation that requires patients’ commitment and effort. Our treatment consists of active therapy meaning the…

  • Physical Medicine

    Physical Medicine

    At Quince Orchard Medical Center our board certified Physiatrist, otherwise known as a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist, is a physician who specializes in the treatment of illness with the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, which includes non-surgical orthopaedics and sports…

  • Chiropractic


    At Quince Orchard Medical Center our chiropractic staff is comprised of both licensed nationally board certified chiropractors and licensed chiropractic assistants that work together in a team approach to provide each and every patient with a comprehensive treatment that facilitates and expedites…

  • Medical Massage

    Medical Massage

    When pain and inflammation are a major reason for a person’s seeking physical therapy, we often incorporate medical massage therapy as a part of the treatment regimen. After your initial evaluation to understand the exact nature and causes of your pain and…

  • Modalities Services

    Modalities Services

    In addition to our traditional chiropractic and physical therapy treatments, we utilize many other modalities to help reduce pain and restore function. These modalities can also help increase circulation, decrease swelling, improve strength and increase range of motion. This allows a return to…