Client Testimonials

  • I need to have good physical therapy to help me recover from my recent kneecap surgery. My family physician had recommended me to see Ann at QOMC. Ann is just terrific. She is very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. She understands how I feel after my surgery. She uses different exercises to help me regain my knee strength and muscle movement. I am also thankful to Gem, who is always friendly and very helpful. Michele’s massage is great. The entire team is wonderful. I highly recommend Ann, Gem and Michele and all the physical therapy staff at QOMC to everyone.

    S. C. L,

  • I have been having physical therapy for my knee post-surgery for a torn meniscus and for back pain. I practice at home and Ann teaches me new things when I come in. I love it and have recommended QOMC to friends. I love the Pilates machine! QOMC is one stop shopping for dealing with pain. Besides Ann, Gem and Jamie have both been very helpful.

    L. C,

  • I was treated by Ann for right knee pain from a torn meniscus. The physical therapy and massage were great. I just recommended the practice to my wife who had a recent knee revision.

    S. L,

  • Dr. Weiner evaluated my hip pain and found tightness in my IT band and bursitis and referred me to physical therapy. I mostly saw Ann and sometimes Vicky. The physical therapists were very personal and friendly and push you just enough to work problem areas but know when to let off pressure. I love the personal service and variety of PT exercises.

    R. E,

  • Pain in my left hip and joints brought me to QOMC. Dr. Weiner and Ann took care of me. My experience was fantastic. I was able to get a diagnosis because Dr. Weiner suggested x-rays. Without the x-rays we would not have known that I have arthritis. I also loved having the physical therapy at the same location. Ann’s techniques and guidance have been super helpful in getting my strength back and understanding my body.

    C. G,

  • Dr. L is my main doctor and have worked with Dr. Walter and Dr. Jon for back pain and spasms around the lower back in the quadratus lumborum (QL) area. I am so glad I can experience all that QOMC offers. I have been a patient of QOMC for almost 20 years and am grateful to the doctors and Patrick for keeping me mobile and having the ability to stay active all these years. QOMC is a warm and friendly office from the front desk to the doctors and Gem and all the other modalities technicians. Everyone is always so happy to accommodate the patient.

    B. D,

  • My surgeon recommended I come to QOMC for physical therapy after my knee replacement. I worked with Ann and Gem. Ann carefully listened to me. It was great to have someone who could accurately diagnose the problem and propose exercises to correct or improve mobility. Ann is a world-class practitioner! Thanks!

    P. C,

  • I came to QOMC and saw Dr. Walter for a back injury that caused great discomfort and pain. The treatment was very beneficial for my back injury. The staff was very professional and were able to answer all my questions. The facility was very clean and comfortable, which made coming for treatments a wonderful experience. I would tell a prospective patient that it’s the best experience for treating/rehabbing any back injury. A very knowledgeable staff that will have you feeling better in no time! I am grateful for the care that I received.

    E. H,

  • I received a recommendation from a friend when I injured my neck and couldn’t move my head in any direction. I later had major issues with my lower back. The staff is very caring. I have seen all three chiropractors and they are all very careful to explain what needs to be done. Appointments are convenient and it is a great experience to feel better. Helpful information and exercises are always available. This is a full service practice with a doctor available as needed for consultation, and x-rays done on site as needed. All of the chiropractors are great and their schedules allow for convenient appointments. Everyone is very helpful and focus on a superior experience.

    -S. S,

  • Because of my back and neck problems I needed to strengthen and improve my posture to provide the correct support for my problems. After a few falls, we have been focusing on core strength and balance issues as well as flexibility. I have been working with Vicky and Melissa, who have an excellent variety of exercises and are always coming up with new ideas and fun things to do. The equipment for physical therapy has been updated to bring in new exercises and approaches to physical therapy. The staff is very patient and thorough. You will learn to watch for signs of problems as you progress so you will learn what you should be doing and how to prevent problems in the future. Exercises and equipment for home exercises are encouraged so you can maximize your therapy. Lots of smiles and support from a caring staff.

    -S. S,

  • I received treatment from Ann for post-surgical right knee joint effusion that was swollen and painful. She was excellent, engaged, and very helpful and I will recommend anyone who needs physical therapy to QOMC.

    -R. F,

  • I had a partial knee replacement and a total knee revision of the right knee. Ann, Patrick and Gem all worked with me, and I love working with each of them. Everyone is always so accommodating. My husband has been coming here for over 10 years, and I am happy to be a part of this family.

    -B. G,

  • I was referred by a friend. I was out of shape, unhappy and had many aches and pains. My chief complaint was lower back pain that prevented me from doing a lot of things! I had my initial consultation with Dr. Weiner and was then referred to Dr. Walter for chiropractic treatment and Patrick for massage therapy. Both practitioners listened to my complaints and my fears and were very helpful in taking away the initial discomfort. I began with twice weekly sessions. As I grew stronger the sessions became further apart and now I am on a monthly maintenance program. They both taught me stretching exercises and encouraged my eventual interest in regular exercise. I realized that their excellent care alone was not enough – I needed to be invested in my own good health. The whole staff is invested in your good health. If something isn't working for you, communicate with them so an alternative solution can be found. Remember that you are responsible to do your own part – doing the prescribed exercises or making the suggested changes will ensure long-lasting improvement.

    -D. T,

  • I came to QOMC for post-operative care for an ankle injury. Vicky was my physical therapist and my experience was fantastic. I recovered both my range of motion and strength and was able to return to physical activities, cycling, and running. These folks are great. Vicky in particular is very knowledgeable and caring. I would go back to her if I had any other physical therapy needs.

    -J. K,

  • The staff at QOMC are all kind and patient. The view is holistic, so nothing falls through the cracks. I highly recommend this facility for its professionalism and expertise. That goes for the front desk staff as well.


  • I have been a patient at QOMC on and off again for 10 years receiving physical therapy. I have always found the staff to be caring, helpful and dedicated. Most recently I am working with Ann in PT on a neurological issue. Her knowledge, dedication and skill are changing my life. She is able to coax my nerves and muscles to function normally again as she makes me aware of how to gain control over mobility issues.


  • It is good to have a PT who knows about dance. I made an incredibly speedy recovery and was able to do my Nutcracker performances without pain.


  • My experience at QOMC was phenomenal! The care I received was top notch and they have very flexible schedules. QOMC is a great practice with exceptional healers.


  • I have had a 100% positive experience at QOMC. Ann and Melissa are amazing physical therapists. They listen well, ask all the right questions and keep me challenged and progressing well in my recovery. I can’t say enough good things about them. My massage therapists are also excellent and highly talented. I highly recommend QOMC for anyone who needs PT and/or massage therapy. The therapists are highly skilled, empathetic and knowledgeable. All appointments are on time, all staff including the front desk and modalities staff are courteous, accommodating and welcoming. I can’t say enough wonderful things about QOMC!


  • Very knowledgeable care – physical therapy with follow up home exercises. After a few sessions, Vicky suggested traction. That did the trick! Have improved to the point that I no longer need therapy. It may take some time, but the physical therapy staff know what they are doing and you will get better.


  • I found everyone at Quince Orchard to be pleasant and helpful. I always feel better after an appointment. There was immediate improvement and no pain after the session. I have referred several people to the practice. If you are in need of these services, this is the place to go.


  • Melissa, Vicky and Caroline are absolutely fantastic - actually all the therapists are top notch. I recommend this office to everyone I know. The staff and chiropractors are magnificent.