Gem Gilbertson


Modalities Lead

Gem is a licensed chiropractic assistant and certified physical therapy technician at Quince Orchard Medical Center. Gem serves as our modalities lead team member at QOMC. Gem has over 41 years-combined experience working in both physical therapy and chiropractic clinics. In 1995 Gem became a licensed chiropractic assistant from the Sheppard Pratt Institute in Towson, MD. She then acquired her certification to practice as a physical therapy technician in 1998 from the Temple Institute for Health.

Gem practiced as a physical therapy technician at Schrier Physical Therapy for 10 years. She first practiced as a chiropractic assistant at Rifkin Chiropractic in Rockville, MD for 10 years prior to joining our QOMC team in 2009. Gem has continued to stay current in her medical fields of practice by attending continuing education courses including Whiplash and the Brain, AIDS, Communicable Diseases, Exercise Protocols and LowTech/High Effect Rehab Exercise Protocols. Gem finds tremendous reward in treating both the physical and emotional well- being of her patients. She understands that the human body is an incredible machine.


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