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What to expect when you come in for a Personal Injury Accident

We understand that being in an accident is not only physically painful, but also mentally and emotionally stressful as well. At Quince Orchard Medical Center we strive to reduce not only the physical pain through your treatment, but also the stress of dealing with your claim. Our insurance department has years of experience dealing with hundreds of cases, and will partner with you to guide you through the process as it pertains to your medical treatment.

PIP, or Personal Injury Protection, is a coverage through your automobile insurance policy that will cover the cost of your medical treatment at $2,500, $5,000 or $10,000 per accident, unless the coverage was waived. Our office will verify if your PIP coverage is open and available, but it is the patient’s responsibility to know how much PIP is available and how much has been used, as this will not be released to us by your auto insurance carrier.

It is Maryland State Law that we cannot bill a third-party (the other driver’s) PIP coverage for your treatment, even if the other party was at fault. Our patients must use the PIP from their own auto insurance carrier, who will be reimbursed from the third party from settlement after you have finished your course of treatment.

After your PIP is exhausted, you then have the option to use your health insurance to offset some of the costs of treatment or to pay for your treatment out of pocket. Depending on your coverage, your policy may have a “subrogation clause,” meaning the health insurance company may want to be reimbursed from your personal injury settlement for payments they have made.

We often recommend that our patients consult with an attorney who specializes in Personal Injury law. Attorneys can advocate for their clients in ways that will both optimize your claim, as well as protect your rights when negotiating with the numerous involved parties.

For any additional questions regarding our process for Personal Injury cases, or specific questions about your case, please contact Margaret in the Insurance Department.

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