October is National Physical Therapy Month

For October's National Physical Therapy Month we celebrate our amazing Physical Therapist, Vicky Geagea and PT Assistant, Melissa Kramer.

Physical Therapy is a safe, effective, and long term pain relief option that helps patients achieve their physical activity goals and improve their quality of life. Physical Therapy services include evaluation and treatments to help people:

Our physical therapists design treatment plans specific to our patient’s needs, challenges, and goals. They work hand-in-hand with you to develop strategies to achieve your goals and care of people of all ages and abilities. You can manage pain without the risks of opioid use, improve movement problems, reduce the symptoms of many chronic diseases and conditions, and also keep many problems from getting worse. 

Research shows that physical therapy is as effective as surgery for some conditions including:

This is why many doctors prescribe physical therapy before resorting to surgery as it’s less risky and costly. 

QOMC encourages our patients to #ChoosePT either as a sole treatment for injury or chronic pain, or integrative with chiropractic adjustments or OrthoBiologics. To find out more or to schedule an appointment, call us at 301-762-6686.

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