Additional COVID-19 Safety Measures

With the seasons steadily changing to autumn, QOMC is keenly aware the cold and flu season is approaching fast.
We are committed to setting the bar high for quality patient care and COVID-19 safety. With that in mind we've implemented additional health and safety measures that became effective at the beginning of September, 2020.
We've installed free standing plastic safety barriers around our reception desk. This additional barrier, combined with our mandatory face mask rule for all patients, staff, and clinicians, will act as insurance against the transmission of germs and/or virus molecules between patients and staff.
We're conducting mandatory temperature checks on all incoming patients using a hands-free forehead thermometer. If a patient is found to be running a significant temperature, we ask that patient to reschedule once their temperature returns to normal. Additionally, staff members are conducting temperature checks on themselves as needed to ensure no one is ill while interacting with our community.
We are encouraging our community and staff to receive flu vaccinations for the 2020-2021 flu season. It IS possible to contract COVID-19 AND the seasonal flu at the same time. While the seasonal flu vaccine does NOT prevent COVID-19 it will give your body immunity against a preventable flu virus for your overall health and wellness.
These steps are on top of the precautions we are already taking to keep our community safe. To review, these include:
  • Mandatory face masks for patients, staff, and clinicians.
  • Maintaining six feet of distance as often as possible between staff and patients.
  • Frequent hand washing for all staff and clinicians especially if they cannot maintain a consistent six feet of distance due to treatment requirements.
  • Hand sanitizer stations at both our entrance doors for patient use before entering the waiting room.
  • Thorough cleaning of all high touch surfaces and patient care areas between each patient.
  • Deep cleaning of our waiting room, furniture, and reception area multiple times a day.
  • Staff and clinicians are asked to stay home if they are running a temperature or have cold/flu symptoms.
QOMC looks forward to continuing to support our patients and community as we move into the autumn and winter seasons. Please reach out to us if you have questions or concerns about the upcoming cold and flu season or have questions about our COVID-19 prevention measures. See you soon!

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