Hip Stretch Deep Dive

Stretching is the most effective conservative at-home treatment for the management of hip pain. We encourage our community to seek medical intervention if the pain is severe but we also recognize that sometimes at-home treatment is preferable. Additionally if you experience pain while performing these stretches please discontinue at-home treatment and give us a call immediately. 

The following twelve stretches have their roots in yoga and stretch not only the hip area but also the legs and back. For the full article, pictures of each stretch, and credit please click the link below. 



Lunge With Spinal Twist


Knee to Chest Stretch


90/90 Stretch


Figure Four Stretch


Reclining Angle Bound Pose


Piriformis Stretch


Three-Legged Dog

This version of Downward Facing Dog helps activate the hips more. You can also bend the knee of the extended leg, bringing your foot to your butt, and circle your leg from the hip to make the stretch more active.



Kneeling Side Bend Stretch


Lunging Hip Flexor Stretch


Lunging Hip Flexor Stretch With Rotation

Changing the angle on the lunging hip flexor stretch adds more of a hip rotation and lets you tap into different parts of your hips.



Pretzel Stretch


Twisted Reclined Pigeon

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