Losing Weight with hCG Hormone Therapy

Kara Kelly, our Nurse Practitioner, has introduced an exciting weight loss method using the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) hormone. The program combines a medically-supervised low calorie diet with this natural hormone, designed to unlock the body’s fat stores and boost metabolism. 


Our nurse practitioner’s medical supervision and guidance from a nutrition expert, paired with the patient’s commitment to our program’s guidelines, is essential in achieving results. This is not a quick fix and the patient will not go back to how they were eating prior to the hCG treatment regimen. The program is designed to help the patient achieve their weight loss goals in a short period of time and it is also structured to help them maintain their desired weight. By resetting the metabolism and having periodic meetings with a nutrition expert, the patient will learn how to forge a new relationship with food that will help them reach their goal weight and feel much better. 


Our program has its roots in research first conducted by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons in the 1950’s. Our nurse practitioner, Kara Kelly, has expanded the original work to design our protocol based on her own experience. That experience has proven that close medical supervision, along with the support of a nutrition expert, can vastly improve the success rates of participants. Dr. Simeons discovered that hCG, a natural hormone, when combined with a low calorie diet, has the potential to unlock the body’s fat stores. This allows a patient’s metabolism to burn the energy reserves necessary to power daily bodily functions. It also allows a patient to maintain muscle mass during weight loss, and lose the fat, contrary to most other diet plans that may result in the loss of muscle mass.


Through the entire hCG  program the patient will have the support of an integrative nutrition consultant who will provide guidance and information so the patient is fully aware of what dietary guidelines should be followed each week while on the program. Once the patient has completed the 500 calorie phase of the program, our nutrition expert will transition them to the nutrition plan so that by the time they complete the maintenance phases, they are equipped to maintain a balanced healthy diet. 


This program is designed to reset your body and your relationship with food. It’s a powerful tool to achieve your optimal health! 


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