Osteoarthritis and OrthoBiologics

Arthritis is a collection of painful conditions that affect the joints. While traditional treatments may help you manage the pain somewhat they can’t restore tissue or halt the progression of joint deterioration. 


Types of Arthritis

Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage in your joints degenerates over the years due to an active lifestyle. When this cushioning cartilage wears away, increased friction occurs and may result in bone rubbing against bone, resulting in chronic inflammation of the joint. This friction causes pain and stiffness, especially as the condition causes bony spurs to form around the joint and other connective tissues become weak.

In the past, management of osteoarthritis involved medications, gentle movement, and other lifestyle adjustments. You might find a little relief from these treatments, but the degradation of your joints continues as the disease progresses.

Rheumatoid arthritis, an inflammatory issue in the lining of the joints, can also cause pain and swelling that eventually causes dysfunction and poor quality of life. Medications and lifestyle changes may ease rheumatoid symptoms, but they won’t heal the condition.


What is OrthoBiologics

Both major types of arthritis can benefit from revolutionary medical treatments that fall under the umbrella of OrthoBiologics. This branch of medicine focuses on ways to replace, repair, or regenerate damaged human tissue.

OrthoBiologics uses your body’s own capacity for healing. Human cellular tissue products and platelets, which are all rich in growth factors, can be injected into arthritic joints to ease inflammation and prompt the development of new, healthier cells.

OrthoBiologics offers long-term pain relief and faster healing and recovery when compared to surgical interventions. The procedures are quick, simple, and have minimal risk of infection when compared to invasive surgical procedures. Joints such as the elbows, knees, and shoulders respond best to OrthoBiological treatments.


Human Cellular Tissue Product Therapy

Human cellular tissue products have the capacity to develop into any type of cell, depending on your body’s needs. Harvested from live healthy births, these cells are purified and injected into arthritic joints, along with a compound that encourages them to turn into new cartilage

Human cellular tissue products are a quality treatment for people with early joint damage, but also for men and women who have advanced osteoarthritis and have little cartilage remaining.

Human cellular tissue products may be effective against rheumatoid arthritis, because these specialized cells alter the way the body’s immune system works and adjust the inflammatory response. This reduces the pain and swelling characteristic of rheumatoid arthritis.


Platelet-rich plasma therapy

Platelets are components of your blood that contain healing growth factors. When these growth factors target an injured, arthritic joint, they promote fast healing. A sample of your own blood is used to create the platelet-rich plasma. Our Nurse Practitioner spins down the blood in a centrifuge to form the platelet-rich compound and injects it into your arthritic joints. The procedure is performed in our office in one appointment and has very few potential negative side effects. 


Our Treatment Plans

Quince Orchard Medical Center combines these OrthoBiological treatments with physical therapy to encourage the optimal efficacy of the procedure and ultimately the reduction of arthritis symptoms. We are so excited to bring these advanced treatments to our community. To see which OrthoBiologic treatment is right for you, call 301-762-6686 for an appointment with Kara Kelly, NP.

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